Featuredimage 5 Top Notch Tech and IT Companies in Ireland - 5 Top-Notch Tech and IT Companies in Ireland

5 Top-Notch Tech and IT Companies in Ireland

Irish technology companies have grown over the years to the point that they are currently in a high position compared to other first world power countries. Ireland and the United States have been holding hands in this sector.

Now we present the result of this relationship summarized in 5 large IT companies that are at the top of technology and have headquarters in Dublin, Ireland.

Sentry One – The Training Solution from Microsoft

This company is responsible for training Microsoft data professionals to become specialists in physical, virtual and cloud environments. This leads them to design new options and achieve excellent performance in the area, making them professional IT service providers.

Sentry One’s headquarters are located in Charlotte, North Carolina. However, for a few months now, this important company has been located in Dublin, since its CEO, Bob Porter, noted the excellence in technological advances that Ireland has achieved. He has considered Ireland as the best place for the EMEA headquarters.

PostImage 5 Top Notch Tech and IT Companies in Ireland New Relic - 5 Top-Notch Tech and IT Companies in Ireland

New Relic – A Spectacular Software Company

Another company that has decided to trust Dublin as a base for its European headquarters is the American software firm New Relic. They settled in Ireland in 2014 and have grown exponentially year after year.

New Relic is in charge of supporting other companies and minor clients to innovate at a higher speed, taking hold of the new options offered by the market. These include the cloud and information broadcast in real-time.

Twilio – A Cloud Communications Platform

For some time now, the offices of this major communications company in Dublin have been falling short. The level of growth of clients in the voice, text messaging and video service that this company offers, has been astonishing.

For this reason, in San Francisco, the main headquarters of Twilio, the decision was made to expand these offices. They are the main headquarters of this firm in EMEA, including the sales, marketing, legal, HR, finance and support departments. This enables them to reach a lot of new clients.

PostImage 5 Top Notch Tech and IT Companies in Ireland Fivetran - 5 Top-Notch Tech and IT Companies in Ireland

Fivetran – Excellent Cloud Connection

This company aims at making the integration of its customers with the cloud a simple, effective task with excellent performance. Its fully automated connections allow seamless synchronization of databases, storage, logs and application data in the cloud.

Now, its new Dublin office and the addition of more trained personnel in the area every day remains focused on presenting an integration solution for analysts who do not have their pipes or ETL systems.

Krypt Inc – Systems Consulting and Strategic Support for SAP

Finally, we introduce this systems’ consulting company that works as a partner for SAP services and development. They also distribute hosting, content writing, and organization in the industry as an intermediary for various providers.

Its main headquarters are in California, but since 2018 they have headquarters in Dublin

All of these companies have seen the value in branching out to Dublin and taking advantage of the country’s technological growth. Be sure to consider them for your IT needs.