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If you are looking for a company to handle and improve your IT and overall technological processes, RB Consulting is the place to go. We offer a wide range of services devised to empowering business owners with automatization of processes and proper use of online marketing tools.

We started a decade ago with a team of web designers that quickly amassed an important number of big customers. The more we got involved in the industry, the more we realized we could expand our business by including other services like digital campaign design and social media management.

Our growth has been made organically, always answering our customers’ needs with responsibility and diligence. We remain focused on producing the best possible results, as we understand this is key to keeping RB Consulting at the top of the industry’s high-demand markets.

We are all professionals with college degrees and numerous studies in the field of IT, but this has not kept us from being constantly trained. We believe that keeping up with the times and the new tools available each day will help us achieve all our goals with efficiency.

Although RB Consulting aims all its manpower and resources at becoming an integral choice for all businesses wishing to include IT, we understand that improving our customer support is vital. We depend largely on feedback we get from the people we work with, as this allows us to spot areas where we can work a bit harder and focus on them to keep evolving.

Our customers include businesses all across Ireland to big transatlantic companies that have entrusted us with their technological growth. Every time we find we need to outsource certain services; we get to working and adding new IT professionals to enhance our ranks and improve our offering.

RB Consulting sees every new customer as a chance to explore new options and doing it in the best possible ways. You can see just how well we have done for many companies by checking out our Testimonials page.

If you are inspired by customers’ testimonials, be sure to request our services through the email posted in our Contact Information page.